DEVIbasic 20S (DSIG) Cables DEVIbasics 20S In-Screed Cable

DEVIbasic 20S (DSIG) Cables DEVIbasics 20S In-Screed Cable
DEVIbasic 20S (DSIG) Cables DEVIbasics 20S In-Screed Cable
DEVIbasic 20S (DSIG) Cables DEVIbasics 20S In-Screed Cable
DEVIbasic 20S (DSIG) Cables DEVIbasics 20S In-Screed Cable
DEVIbasic 20S (DSIG) Cables DEVIbasics 20S In-Screed Cable
DEVIbasic 20S (DSIG) Cables DEVIbasics 20S In-Screed Cable
DEVIbasic 20S (DSIG) Cables DEVIbasics 20S In-Screed Cable
DEVIbasic 20S (DSIG) Cables DEVIbasics 20S In-Screed Cable
DEVIbasic 20S (DSIG) Cables DEVIbasics 20S In-Screed Cable
ModelCable LengthPowerWattagePriceQty
DEVIbasic 20w/m DSIG-20 9m Single Conductor Heating Cable 170W140F0260
QF #: 222
9 m20 W/m²170 W
£62.78 exc VAT
Cable Length9 m
Power20 W/m²
Wattage170 W
DEVIbasic 20w/m DSIG-20 14m Single Conductor Heating Cable 260W140F0215
QF #: 225
14 m20 W/m²260 W
£66.13 exc VAT
Cable Length14 m
Power20 W/m²
Wattage260 W
DEVIbasic 20w/m DSIG-20 18m Single Conductor Heating Cable 375W140F0216
QF #: 228
18 m20 W/m²375 W
£68.58 exc VAT
Cable Length18 m
Power20 W/m²
Wattage375 W
DEVIbasic 20w/m DSIG-20 26m Single Conductor Heating Cable 520W140F0217
QF #: 231
26 m20 W/m²520 W
£77.12 exc VAT
Cable Length26 m
Power20 W/m²
Wattage520 W
DEVIbasic 20w/m DSIG-20 32m Single Conductor Heating Cable 640W140F0218
QF #: 232
32 m20 W/m²640 W
£84.00 exc VAT
Cable Length32 m
Power20 W/m²
Wattage640 W
DEVIbasic 20w/m DSIG-20 39m Single Conductor Heating Cable 800W140F0219
QF #: 715
39 m20 W/m²800 W
£87.96 exc VAT
Cable Length39 m
Power20 W/m²
Wattage800 W
DEVIbasic 20w/m DSIG-20 53m Single Conductor Heating Cable 1070w140F0220
QF #: 219
53 m20 W/m²1070 W
£108.20 exc VAT
Cable Length53 m
Power20 W/m²
Wattage1070 W
DEVIbasic 20w/m DSIG-20 63m Single Conductor Heating Cable 1260W140F0221
QF #: 220
63 m20 W/m²1260 W
£152.23 exc VAT
Cable Length63 m
Power20 W/m²
Wattage1260 W
DEVIbasic 20w/m DSIG-20 74m Single Conductor Heating Cable 1465W140F0222
QF #: 221
74 m20 W/m²1465 W
£156.00 exc VAT
Cable Length74 m
Power20 W/m²
Wattage1465 W
DEVIbasic 20w/m DSIG-20 91m Single Conductor Heating Cable 1820W140F0223
QF #: 223
91 m20 W/m²1820 W
£175.68 exc VAT
Cable Length91 m
Power20 W/m²
Wattage1820 W
DEVIbasic 20w/m DSIG-20 110m Single Conductor Heating Cable 2215W140F0224
QF #: 224
110 m20 W/m²2215 W
£203.88 exc VAT
Cable Length110 m
Power20 W/m²
Wattage2215 W
DEVIbasic 20w/m DSIG-20 131m Single Conductor Heating Cable 2640W140F0225
QF #: 226
131 m20 W/m²2640 W
£240.12 exc VAT
Cable Length131 m
Power20 W/m²
Wattage2640 W
DEVIbasic 20w/m DSIG-20 159m Single Conductor Heating Cable 3170W140F0226
QF #: 227
159 m20 W/m²3170 W
£249.54 exc VAT
Cable Length159 m
Power20 W/m²
Wattage3170 W
DEVIbasic 20w/m DSIG-20 192m Single Conductor Heating Cable 3855W140F0227
QF #: 229
192 m20 W/m²3855 W
£228.96 exc VAT
Cable Length192 m
Power20 W/m²
Wattage3855 W
DEVIbasic 20w/m DSIG-20 228m Single Conductor Heating Cable 4565W140F0228
QF #: 230
228 m20 W/m²4564 W
£312.54 exc VAT
Cable Length228 m
Power20 W/m²
Wattage4564 W
Underfloor Heating UK

DSIG-20 9m single conductor heating cable is a 20watt linear metre cable used to install within a sand and cement screed for providing underfloor heating in houses, flats, offices, public buildings, factories, schools, and nursing homes.

The cable is simply fixed to the floor using the devifast fixing strip ensuring both even spacing and even heat across the floor. The heating cable can be controlled by any of the thermostats we stock.

Frequently asked questions

Are electric underfloor heating systems designed to heat a room or just to keep a floor warm?

Underfloor Heating UK DEVI systems are suitable for both heating the entire room or floor only, depending on your requirements. Poorly insulated areas and in very cold conditions, may require ad...

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At what stage of the project should I install my electric underfloor heating?

Generally, we would advise that the property should be airtight before the installation of underfloor heating, but this would also depend on the schedule of your individual project.

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Can I install the system myself or do I need an expert?

All of our Underfloor Heating mats come with a full set of installation instructions, providing a simple step by step guide. Most systems can be installed on a DIY basis. But the final electrical c...

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Can I retrofit Underfloor Heating into my property?

Installation of underfloor heating is obviously easier within a new build project, but if designed correctly, you can still enjoy the benefits of heating your property using underfloor heat on a re...

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Can underfloor heating be used in a bathroom or a wet room?

Yes, underfloor heating is a great way to warm your home. It’s lovely to walk on and distributes heat evenly around each corner of the room, freeing your walls from radiators, so its not surp...

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Can underfloor heating be used under carpet?

Underfloor heating can be used with most types of carpet. A self-levelling compound is required and as long as the underlay is not a good thermal insulator (i.e not felt), heat will easily pass thr...

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Do I need a thermostat?

Yes, we include a DEVIreg Touch programmable thermostat in all of our kits. This stylish cutting edge thermostat uses pulse width modulation with optimum start and optimum end programming as well a...

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How do I turn off my underfloor heating system?

During the summer months or when it is warm, you may wish to turn off your underfloor heating. All of our thermostats have an on/off switch, which can be used to turn off your underfloor heating sy...

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Will underfloor heating restrict my choice of floor finish?

The correct floor covering should be carefully considered to ensure heat is not prevented from rising into the room by the floor covering. We offer expert advice on floor covering to ensure the bes...

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