100W Timber Floor DTIR-100 Underfloor Heating Kits

20 Year Warranty
100W Timber Floor DTIR-100 Underfloor Heating Kits
100W Timber Floor DTIR-100 Underfloor Heating Kits
100W Timber Floor DTIR-100 Underfloor Heating Kits
100W Timber Floor DTIR-100 Underfloor Heating Kits
100W Timber Floor DTIR-100 Underfloor Heating Kits
100W Timber Floor DTIR-100 Underfloor Heating Kits
100W Timber Floor DTIR-100 Underfloor Heating Kits
100W Timber Floor DTIR-100 Underfloor Heating Kits
100W Timber Floor DTIR-100 Underfloor Heating Kits
100W Timber Floor DTIR-100 Underfloor Heating Kits
100W Timber Floor DTIR-100 Underfloor Heating Kits
ModelWattageMat LengthMat WidthAreaPriceQty
DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 1.0m2 100W Underfloor Heating KitMKT01
QF #: 7764
100 W2 m0.5 m1 m²
£119.76 exc VAT
Wattage100 W
Mat Length2 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Area1 m²
DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 1.5m2 150W Underfloor Heating KitMKT02
QF #: 7766
150 W3 m0.5 m1.5 m²
£132.26 exc VAT
Wattage150 W
Mat Length3 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Area1.5 m²
DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 2.0m2 200W Underfloor Heating Kit MKT03
QF #: 7768
200 W4 m0.5 m2 m²
£140.59 exc VAT
Wattage200 W
Mat Length4 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Area2 m²
DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 2.5m2 250W Underfloor Heating Kit MKT04
QF #: 7770
250 W5 m0.5 m2.5 m²
£148.93 exc VAT
Wattage250 W
Mat Length5 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Area2.5 m²
DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 3.0m2 300W Underfloor Heating KitMKT05
QF #: 7772
300 W6 m0.5 m3 m²
£156.84 exc VAT
Wattage300 W
Mat Length6 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Area3 m²
DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 3.5m2 350W Underfloor Heating Kit MKT06
QF #: 7774
350 W7 m0.5 m3.5 m²
£165.18 exc VAT
Wattage350 W
Mat Length7 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Area3.5 m²
DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 4.0m2 400W Underfloor Heating Kit MKT07
QF #: 7776
400 W8 m0.5 m4 m²
£173.51 exc VAT
Wattage400 W
Mat Length8 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Area4 m²
DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 5.0m2 500W Underfloor Heating Kit MKT08
QF #: 7778
500 W10 m0.5 m5 m²
£190.18 exc VAT
Wattage500 W
Mat Length10 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Area5 m²
DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 6.0m2 600W Underfloor Heating Kit MKT09
QF #: 7780
600 W12 m0.5 m6 m²
£202.26 exc VAT
Wattage600 W
Mat Length12 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Area6 m²
DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 7.0m2 700W Underfloor Heating KitMKT10
QF #: 7782
700 W14 m0.5 m7 m²
£214.34 exc VAT
Wattage700 W
Mat Length14 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Area7 m²
DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 8.0m2 800W Underfloor Heating Kit MKT11
QF #: 7784
800 W16 m0.5 m8 m²
£226.84 exc VAT
Wattage800 W
Mat Length16 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Area8 m²
DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 9.0m2 900W Underfloor Heating Kit MKT12
QF #: 7786
900 W18 m0.5 m9 m²
£238.51 exc VAT
Wattage900 W
Mat Length18 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Area9 m²
DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 10.0m2 1000W Underfloor Heating Kit MKT13
QF #: 7788
1000 W20 m0.5 m10 m²
£252.16 exc VAT
Wattage1000 W
Mat Length20 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Area10 m²
DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 11.0m2 1100W Underfloor Heating KitMKT14
QF #: 7790
1100 W22 m0.5 m11 m²
£253.41 exc VAT
Wattage1100 W
Mat Length22 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Area11 m²
DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 12.0m2 1200W Underfloor Heating Kit MKT15
QF #: 7792
1200 W24 m0.5 m12 m²
£275.18 exc VAT
Wattage1200 W
Mat Length24 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Area12 m²
DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 13.0m2 1300W Underfloor Heating KitMKT16
QF #: 7794
1300 W26 m0.5 m13 m²
£282.62 exc VAT
Wattage1300 W
Mat Length26 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Area13 m²
DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 14.0m2 1400W Underfloor Heating KitMKT17
QF #: 7796
1400 W28 m0.5 m14 m²
£296.87 exc VAT
Wattage1400 W
Mat Length28 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Area14 m²
DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 15.0m2 1500W Underfloor Heating KitMKT18
QF #: 7798
1500 W30 m0.5 m15 m²
£311.12 exc VAT
Wattage1500 W
Mat Length30 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Area15 m²
DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 16.0m2 1600W Underfloor Heating Kit MKT19
QF #: 7800
1600 W32 m0.5 m16 m²
£321.81 exc VAT
Wattage1600 W
Mat Length32 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Area16 m²
DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 17.0m2 1700W Underfloor Heating Kit MKT20
QF #: 7802
1700 W34 m0.5 m17 m²
£332.10 exc VAT
Wattage1700 W
Mat Length34 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Area17 m²
DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 18.0m2 1800W Underfloor Heating KitMKT21
QF #: 7804
1800 W36 m0.5 m18 m²
£342.78 exc VAT
Wattage1800 W
Mat Length36 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Area18 m²
DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 19.0m2 1900W Underfloor Heating KitMKT22
QF #: 7806
1900 W38 m0.5 m19 m²
£353.09 exc VAT
Wattage1900 W
Mat Length38 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Area19 m²
DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 20.0m2 2000W Underfloor Heating KitMKT23
QF #: 7808
2000 W40 m0.5 m20 m²
£364.97 exc VAT
Wattage2000 W
Mat Length40 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Area20 m²
DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 21.0m2 2100W Underfloor Heating KitMKT24
QF #: 7810
2100 W42 m0.5 m21 m²
£399.50 exc VAT
Wattage2100 W
Mat Length42 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Area21 m²
DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 22.0m2 2200W Underfloor Heating KitMKT25
QF #: 7812
2200 W44 m0.5 m22 m²
£384.75 exc VAT
Wattage2200 W
Mat Length44 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Area22 m²
Underfloor Heating UK

Product overview

Our complete DEVIcomfort timber Kits for timber based floors come with everything you require to complete a DEVI timber electric underfloor heating installation.

DEVIguard Warranty - The best in class floor guard warranty, DEVI's warranty covers the floor unlike other manufacturers who only guarantee the product.

Why choose a DEVIcomfort timber base electric underfloor heating kit?

  • 20 year guarantee with DEVIguard guaranteeing the floor as well as the product
  • Open self-adhesive mesh design
  • 4mm mat thickness
  • DEVI is a premium well trusted brand

All DEVIcomfort timber base kits include the following components:

  • DEVIcomfort 100W/m2 DTIR-100 self-adhesive underfloor heating mat*
  • DEVIreg Touch programmable thermostat
  • Gaffer utility tape
  • Spray adhesive

* The kit sizes above 12m2 are made up from the two most competitive mats sizes.

DEVI Floor Guard Warranty not only guarantees it’s heating systems but also guarantees the floor in the unlikely event that the system cannot be repaired due to a manufacturing fault. Other manufacturers only offer product warranties which do not include the replacement of the flooring.

Product downloads

Data Sheet

File Size: 1.13 MB

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Frequently asked questions

Are electric underfloor heating systems designed to heat a room or just to keep a floor warm?

Underfloor Heating UK DEVI systems are suitable for both heating the entire room or floor only, depending on your requirements. Poorly insulated areas and in very cold conditions, may require ad...

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At what stage of the project should I install my electric underfloor heating?

Generally, we would advise that the property should be airtight before the installation of underfloor heating, but this would also depend on the schedule of your individual project.

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Can I install the system myself or do I need an expert?

All of our Underfloor Heating mats come with a full set of installation instructions, providing a simple step by step guide. Most systems can be installed on a DIY basis. But the final electrical c...

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Can I retrofit Underfloor Heating into my property?

Installation of underfloor heating is obviously easier within a new build project, but if designed correctly, you can still enjoy the benefits of heating your property using underfloor heat on a re...

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Can underfloor heating be used in a bathroom or a wet room?

Yes, underfloor heating is a great way to warm your home. It’s lovely to walk on and distributes heat evenly around each corner of the room, freeing your walls from radiators, so its not surp...

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Can underfloor heating be used under carpet?

Underfloor heating can be used with most types of carpet. A self-levelling compound is required and as long as the underlay is not a good thermal insulator (i.e not felt), heat will easily pass thr...

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Do I need a thermostat?

Yes, we include a DEVIreg Touch programmable thermostat in all of our kits. This stylish cutting edge thermostat uses pulse width modulation with optimum start and optimum end programming as well a...

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Do I need to change the flooring when I want to install DEVI floor heating in my bathroom?

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How do I turn off my underfloor heating system?

During the summer months or when it is warm, you may wish to turn off your underfloor heating. All of our thermostats have an on/off switch, which can be used to turn off your underfloor heating sy...

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I have a floor which is made up of both timber and concrete. Can I use a single heating mat for the floor?

We strongly recommends that each section of floor with a different covering has its own ‘mat’ as well as thermostat since each floor surface has a different maximum temperature limit. W...

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What is the black thing at the far end of the twin conductor mat?

This is the connection at the end of the twin conductor mat where the heating element is connected to the neutral return. This is manufactured within the cable.

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Will underfloor heating restrict my choice of floor finish?

The correct floor covering should be carefully considered to ensure heat is not prevented from rising into the room by the floor covering. We offer expert advice on floor covering to ensure the bes...

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Customer reviews


Martin Breen, Dublin, Ireland
7 June 2018 11:33

DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 3.0m2 300W Underfloor Heating Kit

This product did the job it was intended for - easy to install and use.

View product

My original query was answered very quickly and the follow up supply of goods was equally excellent. Great customer service.

Fantastic, thank you for the great review of our service.


Bruce Shearman
24 May 2018 12:33

DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 2.5m2 250W Underfloor Heating Kit

As in section 1 lack of installation information.

View product

Your service was quick and efficient. My concern was with the DEVI product information and installation information. I have previously fitted a DEVI mat however the installation information was minimal and no explanation given for the pack content. Fortunately I remembered most of the installation steps. The one that I didn't was answered by DEVI customer help. My point is that the product is good but the installation information is poor as is the online information. If DEVI ask you can feed back this information to them.



Alan House
26 March 2018 07:45

DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 3.0m2 300W Underfloor Heating Kit

I’ve always used Devi, as I think it’s the best on the market

View product

The web site is easy to understand, and they delivered on time. The parcel was left where I asked it to be left

Perfect, thank you for taking the time to leave us such great feedback. 

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