DEVIreg 330 Thermostats

DEVIreg 330 Thermostats

The DEVIreg DIN rail thermostats can be used for various purposes, for example for controlling: - Electrical underfloor heating systems and frost protection.

The DEVIreg 330 wall mounted range consist different thermostats – each with separate temperature ranges depending of the application where it will be used.

  • DEVIreg 330 (-10°C to 10°C) is mainly used for frost protection applications.
  • DEVIreg 330 (5°C to 45°C) is mainly used for underfloor heating.

Domestic Applications for DEVIreg 330 Series Thermostats

  • Controlling supplementary heating (warm floors) for renovations
  • Controlling total heating for new builds

Product downloads

DEVI product catalogue

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DEVIreg330 Data sheet

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DEVIreg330 Installation Guide

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Installation Guide DEVIreg 330

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