DEVIreg Thermostats

DEVIreg Thermostats

The DEVIreg Touch underfloor heating programmable wall mounted thermostat is a great replacement for the popular and phased out DEVIreg 550, it will work with your existing floor probe. The DEVIreg touchscreen is an excellent upgrade to any existing digital or manual thermostat.

The DEVIreg touch incorporates the latest technology ensuring total control from the initial setup. It is a perfect replacement for faulty or outdated underfloor heating controllers as the unit is compatible with most other manufacturer's floor sensing thermostat probes. This stylish cutting edge thermostat uses pulse width modulation with optimum start and optimum end programming as well as open window detection to guarantee extremely high temperature control accuracy, ensuring the DEVIreg Touch is one of the most efficient underfloor heating controls available.

Product downloads

DEVI product catalogue

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DEVIreg 550 Quick Guide

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DEVIreg Touch Data Sheet

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DEVIreg Touch Instructions

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DEVIreg Touch User Guide

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DEVIreg330 Data sheet

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DEVIreg330 Installation Guide

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Installation Guide DEVIreg 330

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Frequently asked questions

Yes it can.

From the main menu, go to Settings > Options > Dim level, and select OFF. With the same navigation, the safety lock, forecast (adaptive function, both start and end), window open and min. floor temperature can also be turned off.

During the summer months or when it is warm, you may wish to turn off your underfloor heating. All of our thermostats have an on/off switch, which can be used to turn off your underfloor heating system.

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DEVIreg Touch Programmable Thermostat (Pure White)

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DEVIreg Touch Programmable Thermostat (Pure White)

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DEVIreg Touch Programmable Thermostat (Pure White)

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DEVIreg Touch Programmable Thermostat (Pure White)

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DEVIreg Touch Programmable Thermostat (Pure White)

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