Touchscreen Thermostats

Enjoy total control of your electric underfloor heating with a stylish, intelligent touchscreen thermostat. Our touchscreen underfloor heating thermostats are compatible with most manufacturers floor sensing probes, these touchscreen thermostats can be combined with an existing system to provide smart yet simple access to advanced energy saving features without compromising comfort.

Designed with energy-saving in mind, these touchscreen thermostats incorporate the latest technology to ensure total control from the initial setup.

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Jan 25

After allowing the thermostat to fully charge the battery for 15 hours - Follow these easy set-up steps Confirm the language of your choice using the arrows to scroll up or down and confirm by p...

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Wall Mounted DEVIreg Themostats

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DEVIreg 540/550 DEVIreg 540 DEVIreg 540 is a combined timer and thermostat. The timer is used for set backs in the temperature during periods where the room is not in use, which reduces energ...

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need a thermostat?

Yes, we include a DEVIreg Touch programmable thermostat in all of our kits. This stylish cutting edge thermostat uses pulse width modulation with optimum start and optimum end programming as well a...

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Is the DEVIreg touch programmable thermostat a compatible replacement for the DEVIreg 500 thermostat?

The DEVIreg touch programmable thermostat is a perfect replacement for the DEVIreg 500 thermostat and directly compatible with the existing floor probe. However, the connections may need a qualifie...

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Which type of thermostat should I choose for my underfloor heating system?

When choosing a thermostat for your underfloor heating system you need to decide what characteristics you want from your thermostat. Manual - A manual thermostat will provide total control when ...

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Customer reviews


Michael Till
20 November 2018 07:39

DEVIreg Touch Programmable Thermostat (Pure White)

Excellent replacement for original. Easy to install and setup and works perfectly. LCD display is a tad on the bright side for my taste, (located in bedroom), even in dimmed mode but soon got used to that.

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Very good sales support - always helpful. Excellent p&p and prompt delivery.
New Devireg Touch controller is a vast improvement over original ‘clunky’ device. Is easy to install and set up using instructions and works perfectly.


Alan Wood
13 November 2018 07:42

DEVIreg Touch Programmable Thermostat (Pure White)

I needed this product to replace a faulty Devireg controller

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I would definitely recommend them to others & I would use them should the need arise.


Gary Stockwell
7 November 2018 17:24

DEVIreg Touch Programmable Thermostat (Pure White)

Good product. Better than old model thermostat.

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Delivery very quick and efficient.

That is really fantastic to hear, thank you very much for the great feedback of our website and delivery service.


Robert Greive
27 October 2018 08:02

DEVIreg Touch Programmable Thermostat (Pure White)

It has the capability to monitor your heating needs

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The service was prompt and quick


Peter Tribe, Bradford On Avon
21 October 2018 11:31

DEVIreg Touch Programmable Thermostat (Pure White)

The instructions included with the timer stop halfway through the process, and you need to download/print at least 30 pages off the internet to figure out how to operate it.
The instructions from Devi also give you to refer to, and this page does not exist on the internet, and also refers to a web code interface set up via a 'web generated code', and if you try to open it on the net you get a warning 'DANGER do not open' on your screen.
So it would be helpful if Underfloor heating could either include their own instructions for the uninitiated like me, or insist that DEVI produce instructions that are actually correct.

Link for Touch

Please note - This will only work if opened in Internet Explorer

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Underfloor did extremely well, delivery next day, and they were very helpful when I needed to query the instructions for setting up the DEVIreg Touch underfloor heating timer.
I would not agree with all the statement that this timer is easy to set up.

Many thanks for your comments.I am very sorry to hear that you did not find the Devi Touch easy to operate. Devi do offer a portal programmer which when completed allows you to add a simple 5/6 digit code which pre-programs your Devi touch unit for you making the process a lot easier.
I certainly hope that this helps.

If we can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

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