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How To Install DEVI Matting Underfloor Heating Guide

September 11, 2014 Jake

Follow the step by step instructions below to install your DEVImat system.

DEVImat installation step 1

Step 1
Measure the room and draw a sketch to help you calculate which DEVI package you will need. Then sketch in the position of the DEVImat heating cable mat.

Choose the correct DEVImat and install on the recommended construction.

DEVImat installation step 2

Step 2
Mark the positioning of the toilet before you remove it. This helps you avoid placing the toilet on top of the mat - and prevents you from piercing it with screws.

DEVImat installation step 3

Step 3
Cut a channel approx. 10 mm wide in the floor and the wall from the thermostat, and about 1 m out into the floor for the floor sensor and flex pipe. Glue the flex pipe for the sensor into this channel, and seal the end of the pipe with a piece of tape.

Carry out the first fix installation for the electrical connections.

DEVImat installation step 4

Step 4
Clean the floor thoroughly, removing all dirt and soap residue, (optional: install Aquapanel Thermal) then lay out the self-adhesive cable mat. The floor surface must be primed if you are not laying the mat on existing tiles.

Use ePanel to improve the thermal performance of your underfloor heating system.

DEVImat installation step 5

Step 5
Clip through the grey netting to turn the mat over - but make sure that you do not cut through the red cable.

DEVImat installation step 6

Step 6
Turn the mat and position it as required. The self-adhesive effect can withstand 10-20 adjustments, so you can move the mat several times until you are satisfied with the result.

DEVImat installation step 7

Step 7
Once you have positioned the cable mat, you can - depending on the new floor surface - encapsulate it using self-levelling screed or cover it with a thin layer of tile adhesive.

Follow all the rules regarding tiling.

Fix tiles using the correct adhesive. Check with the tile manufacturer and adhesive supplier regarding the most suitable adhesive for your job.

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