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Introduction to DEVI Matting Underfloor Heating

February 4, 2015 Jake

The DEVImat DTIF is a self adhesive mesh, with ultra thin cable pre-attached. It comes in a full range of sizes, from 0.5m-12m and are available in both 100W and 150W per m2 for installation onto both concrete and timber floors. The mat is simply rolled out, cut and turned to fit the available free floor area and the chosen floor covering is then laid.

As the cable is a twin conductor, there is no second tail to return to the thermostat, saving on installation time and cost. The system is best suited to the DEVIreg 130 or 550.

DEVImat Mat

There are two mat types, one for installation onto timber based floors (rated at 100W/m2) and one for concrete based floors (rated at 150W/m2).

Full European Approval

Manufactured to the highest UK and European standards, (IEC-60-335-2-96), the DEVImat DTIF is the only thin heating cable on the market with a 100% aluminium earth sheathing. This is essential for compliance with earthing requirements for installation in wet areas such as bathrooms.

Although the cable is thin it has an incredibly high mechanic strength which has been achieved by using a very strong PVDF outer sheath. The DTIF has a deformation strength of more than 600N, which ensures the cable is robust during installation.

Product Features

  • One cold tail
  • Twin conductor cable
  • Ultra thin, can fit within the thickness of the tile adhesive
  • Self adhesive
  • 100% aluminium earth sheath
  • 10 year warranty

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