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Product Focus - DEVIreg Smart

January 18, 2017 Katie

Electric floor heating regulation has never been so smart

The new DEVIreg Smart is designed to provide optimum floor heating comfort, exactly when and where you need it - making wasted heating a thing of the past, all with a simple touch.

The DEVIreg Smart is an intuitive programmable timer thermostat to be connected to WiFi and DEVIsmart App and controllable from anywhere, at any time. The thermostat is primarily used for controlling electrical floor heating elements. The thermostat is designed for fixed installation only and due to the special designed 2-part construction it fits a wide range of frames and sensors. The DEVIreg Smart is fast and intuitive to setup using the App wizard. It has an open window detector and energy-saving program including an optimum start/end control ensuring the desired temperature at the correct time and thereby reducing the heating costs.

Smart Features

  • Stylish design that fits into your regular wall socket
  • Open window detection automatically switches off the floor heating
  • Smart control button for quick access to frost protection, away, and timer functions
  • 7 day / 30 day / lifetime energy consumptions readout in the app for increased energy use awareness
  • Control thermostats in unlimited locations (e.g. home, holiday home, office, etc.)
  • Can be paired with up to 10 mobile devices via the DEVIsmart app
  • Can communicate with two mobile/tablet devices simultaneously
  • Receive notifications / warnings about important system events
  • Access dedicated support and troubleshooting directly from the app
  • DEVIsmart app compatible with IOS and Android
  • Fits many foreign single and multiple frames and competitive NTC sensors
  • EN/IEC 60730-1 (general) and EN/IEC 60730-2-9 (thermostat) compliant

Control all your thermostats in multiple locations

The DEVIsmart App lets you stay in control and operate all your thermostats in multiple locations – e.g. your holiday home from one single point of access.

Safe and private cloud connection The DEVIreg Smart communicates through a safe cloud system based on the same security that is used in mobile banking applications. No data is stored in the cloud and your personal information is secure at all times.

Try the DEVIsmartAp before you buy your DEVIreg Smart Floor heating system. Download the free DEVIsmart App and try the demo today!