ProWarm Aluminium Spreader Plate 390mm x 1000mm with 150mm Centres

ProWarm Aluminium Spreader Plate 390mm x 1000mm with 150mm Centres
ProWarm Aluminium Spreader Plate 390mm x 1000mm with 150mm Centres

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Product overview

Aluminium heat spreader plates are 390mm x 1000mm diffuser plates suitable for joist centers of 400mm.

Spreader plates are laid across traditional joists and fixed in place using a hand stapler.

ProWarm European Standard Pex-Al-HDPE pipe is fixed in the grooves of the plates, insulation is placed in the void below the plates to minimise downward heat loss and dissipate the heat evenly across the floor and, designed for use with 15mm or 16mm pipe.

Please note: If you are looking to purchase spreader plates, you will need to purchase a High Output or Multi Room kit as these have pipe spacings of 200mm, with standard room kits having a pipe spacing of 250mm.

Key Benefits

  • Light weight
  • Quick installation
  • The high grade aluminium creates an even spread of heat across the floor

Using the spreader plate

  1. As you begin, you will need to place the aluminium spreader plates away from the walls to allow room for the pipes to bend and return in the opposite direction. allow at least 250 mm for this.
  2. Secure the spreader plates as you go using either staples, nails or screws. Whichever you use, be sure they are secured flush with the surface of the spreader plate.
  3. When you place the second spreader plate, leave a 10 mm gap to allow for expansion.
  4. Before securing this second spreader plate, insert a small length of pipe into the two spreader plates’ meeting channels to ensure they align correctly.
  5. Leave this in place whilst you secure the second spreader plate before removing. At no point allow the spreader plates to overlap as this will cause a noise when heating up and cooling down.

Technical specifications

Length1000 mm
Total Floor Coverage0.39m2
Width390 mm
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