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Enjoy total control of your electric underfloor heating with stylish, intelligent touchscreen thermostats. Our touchscreen underfloor heating thermostats are compatible with most manufacturers floor sensing probes, these touchscreen thermostats can be combined with an existing system to provide smart yet simple access to advanced energy saving features without compromising comfort.

Designed with energy-saving in mind, these touchscreen thermostats incorporate the latest technology to ensure total control from the initial setup.

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Jan 25

After allowing the thermostat to fully charge the battery for 15 hours - Follow these easy set-up steps Confirm the language of your choice using the arrows to scroll up or down and confirm by pressing the (top, right-hand corner) Setting D...

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Frequently asked questions

The DEVIreg touch programmable thermostat is a perfect replacement for the DEVIreg 500 thermostat and directly compatible with the existing floor probe. However, the connections may need a qualified electrician to adjust the wiring as the base plate is different.