UltraFloor manufacture levelling and smoothing compounds, DPM's and primers for commercial and domestic flooring applications. 

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Trusted Customer
22 October 2021 22:17

Ultra Level IT 2 Self Levelling Compound

good material, used many times, always good inish

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I did order Self levelling compound. to e careful I did der that materials (20 bags) in 2 weeks in advance
Company called me day before delivery that my material is coming next day - (Friday) and guess what - no one turned up. has u postpone the project, had to wait till Monday, loosing money as customer knock money down and i lost day of work. I did pay 40quid for that delivery and 300 on materials
no sorry no nothing and still had to argue on Monday morning that delivery is not here. useless and definitely I will never use them again
Shame on you


David Roberts
22 May 2021 08:40

Ultra Level IT 2 Self Levelling Compound

Excellent product easy to recommend

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Self levelling compound excellent material, when I spoke to somebody some time ago I had clear advice on what to do, I had free delivery which made the product very affordable, thank you very much.

Thank you for the positive review. We are glad to hear our customer service team was able to help you in finding the right product.