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Wall Mounted DEVIreg Themostats

February 27, 2015 Jake

DEVIreg 540/550

DEVIreg 540

DEVIreg 540 is a combined timer and thermostat. The timer is used for set backs in the temperature during periods where the room is not in use, which reduces energy and still gives a high comfort level.

DEVIreg 540 is also a high class design product with a very user-friendly interface, incorporating a one button does it all type technology.

DEVIreg 550

DEVIreg 550 is a fully programmable 7 day combined timer and thermostat.

The thermostats' in-built intellgence continually learns from its environment, and is able to calculate the pre-heat period accordingly on a daily basis. For example, if the thermostat is set to achieve 22°C at 7am, the DEVIreg 550 will calculate the exact time the heating should be turned on to reach this temperature. During the year it will also continually adjust itself to the climate situation.

DEVIreg 540 Thermostat

Product Features

  • On/off button
  • Temperature scale adjustment button.
  • Possibility of 5°C set-back with connection to external timer.
  • Light indicator; red - heating up the floor, green - temperature according to the settings and no heat on, no light - thermostat is turned off.
  • Available in white and polar white.
ModelFloor SensorRoom SensorMountingDimensionsTimerFault Finding
540 (White)Flush85mm x 85mm
550 (White)Flush85mm x 85mm
550 (Silver)Flush85mm x 85mm

DEVIreg 535

Floor sensor, room sensor or a combination of the two. DEVIreg 535 is DEVI's latest model of a digital thermostat that contains all three functions in one. The functional thermostat is well suited for controlling the temperature in the entire house or in selected rooms.

Installers no longer need to stock three kinds of thermostats but only need the flexible DEVIreg 535, which covers the individual needs of the end users for floor heating. DEVIreg 535 controls the heating extremely precisely regardless of whether the thermostat is to control the floor temperature, the room temperature or a combination of the two.

DEVIreg 535 Thermostat
ModelFloor SensorRoom SensorMountingDimensionsTimerFault Finding
535Wall86mm x 36mm

Product Features

  • Double pole safety breaker.
  • Low standby consumption.
  • IP 31 - suitable for use inside bathroom.
  • 80 days battery back-up.
  • Childproof function.
  • Displays actual temperature.
  • Digital timer thermostat.
  • Electronically Thermal Compensated (ETC system).

DEVIreg 130/131/132

DEVIreg 130/131/132 is delivered with a floor sensor and is mounted on the wall. DEVIreg 130/131/132 is often used in applications where another heating source is supplying the room heat, but where you still want a warm floor.

DEVIreg 130 Thermostat

Product Features

  • Intelligent timer with 336 timer settings per week.
  • Open window feature.
  • Frost protection.
  • Adjustable maximum temperature.
  • Variable set-back.
  • User selectable sensor configuration.
  • °C/°F and 12/24h watch selection.
  • DEVInet - network iunterface with up to 32 interconnections.
  • Self diagnosing fault finding.
ModelFloor SensorRoom SensorMountingDimensionsTimerFault Finding
130 Wall82mm x 82mm
131 Wall82mm x 82mm
132Wall82mm x 82mm