100W Devi Underfloor Heating Mats for Timber - DTIR-100

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100W Devi Underfloor Heating Mats for Timber - DTIR-100
100W Devi Underfloor Heating Mats for Timber - DTIR-100
100W Devi Underfloor Heating Mats for Timber - DTIR-100
100W Devi Underfloor Heating Mats for Timber - DTIR-100
100W Devi Underfloor Heating Mats for Timber - DTIR-100
100W Devi Underfloor Heating Mats for Timber - DTIR-100
100W Devi Underfloor Heating Mats for Timber - DTIR-100
100W Devi Underfloor Heating Mats for Timber - DTIR-100
100W Devi Underfloor Heating Mats for Timber - DTIR-100
Product CodeAreaMat LengthMat WidthWattagePriceStockQty
DEVIcomfort 100w/m2 DTIR-100 0.5m2 50W Underfloor Heating Mat140F1740
QF #: 5389
0.5 m²
1 m
0.5 m
50 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area0.5 m²
Mat Length1 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Wattage50 W
DEVIcomfort 100W/m² DTIR-100 1.0m² 100W Underfloor Heating Mat83030502
QF #: 4147
1 m²
2 m
0.5 m
100 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area1 m²
Mat Length2 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Wattage100 W
DEVIcomfort 100W/m² DTIR-100 1.5m² 150W Underfloor Heating Mat83030504
QF #: 4149
1.5 m²
3 m
0.5 m
150 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area1.5 m²
Mat Length3 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Wattage150 W
DEVIcomfort 100W/m² DTIR-100 2.0m² 200W Underfloor Heating Mat83030506
QF #: 4155
2 m²
4 m
0.5 m
200 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area2 m²
Mat Length4 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Wattage200 W
DEVIcomfort 100W/m² DTIR-100 2.5m² 250W Underfloor Heating Mat140F1741
QF #: 4157
2.5 m²
5 m
0.5 m
250 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area2.5 m²
Mat Length5 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Wattage250 W
DEVIcomfort 100W/m² DTIR-100 3.0m² 300W Underfloor Heating Mat83030510
QF #: 4159
3 m²
6 m
0.5 m
300 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area3 m²
Mat Length6 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Wattage300 W
DEVIcomfort 100w/m² DTIR-100 3.5m² 350W Underfloor Heating Mat83030512
QF #: 4161
3.5 m²
7 m
0.5 m
350 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area3.5 m²
Mat Length7 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Wattage350 W
DEVIcomfort 100w/m² DTIR-100 4.0m² 400W Underfloor Heating Mat83030514
QF #: 4163
4 m²
8 m
0.5 m
400 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area4 m²
Mat Length8 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Wattage400 W
DEVIcomfort 100w/m² DTIR-100 5.0m² 500W Underfloor Heating Mat83030516
QF #: 4165
5 m²
10 m
0.5 m
500 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area5 m²
Mat Length10 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Wattage500 W
DEVIcomfort 100w/m² DTIR-100 6.0m² 600W Underfloor Heating Mat83030518
QF #: 4167
6 m²
12 m
0.5 m
600 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area6 m²
Mat Length12 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Wattage600 W
DEVIcomfort 100w/m² DTIR-100 7.0m² 700W Underfloor Heating Mat140F1742
QF #: 4169
7 m²
14 m
0.5 m
700 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area7 m²
Mat Length14 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Wattage700 W
DEVIcomfort 100w/m² DTIR-100 8.0m² 800W Underfloor Heating Mat140F1743
QF #: 4171
8 m²
16 m
0.5 m
800 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area8 m²
Mat Length16 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Wattage800 W
DEVIcomfort 100w/m² DTIR-100 9.0m² 900W Underfloor Heating Mat83030524
QF #: 4173
9 m²
18 m
0.5 m
900 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area9 m²
Mat Length18 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Wattage900 W
DEVIcomfort 100w/m² DTIR-100 10.0m² 1000W Underfloor Heating Mat83030526
QF #: 4151
10 m²
20 m
0.5 m
1000 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area10 m²
Mat Length20 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Wattage1000 W
DEVIcomfort 100w/m² DTIR-100 12.0m² 1200W Underfloor Heating Mat83030528
QF #: 4153
12 m²
24 m
0.5 m
1200 W
ex VATinc VAT
Area12 m²
Mat Length24 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Wattage1200 W

Key Features of the 100W Devi Underfloor Heating Mats for Timber - DTIR-100

20 year guaranteeLead free
Flame retardedFully screened cable
Open self-adhesive mesh designExcellent value for money
4mm mat thicknessPremium well trusted brand

The DEVI underfloor heating mats for timber floors are developed for a variety of installations. Installation is made simple with the DEVIcomfort mat as they are ready to roll onto the floor.

DEVIcomfort Underfloor Heating Mats for Timber are an extremely high-quality, self-adhesive all-in-one mat with a tough red PVC outer sheath (non UV stable). It has been designed specifically for applying to a timber floor structure (i.e. floors raised on wooden joists).

Each mat has a cold lead which is an installation cable with solid conductors that allows for fast installation. By having a clearly visible connection, it minimises the risk of accidentally installing the heated cable by accident.

DEVIguard Warranty - The best in class floor guard warranty, DEVI Floor Guard warranty not only guarantees it's heating systems but also guarantees the floor in the unlikely event that the system cannot be repaired due to a manufacturing fault. Other manufacturers only offer product warranties which do not include the replacement of the flooring. This is DEVI's commitment to the quality of their product. Every single heating mat has been inspected which includes tests such as Ohmic resistance, high voltage and material controls.

Typical application areas

  • Indoor floor heating in domestic and commercial buildings
  • Very thin floors - perfect for renovating projects
  • Floors with a timber base
  • Tiled, vinyl or carpets top layer

We also have heated mats for concrete based floors and high output areas such as conservatories and utility rooms.

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Product reviews

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Richard Smith, Cheshire
10 October 2018 15:13

Great product at a great price!

Great service - very knowledgeable staff on the helpline - advised of exactly which item was compatible as a replacement for an obsolete stat, and prices are very competitive too. Also delivery was perfect as arranged. All in all excellent, and will definitely use again.


Martin Breen, Dublin, Ireland
7 June 2018 11:33

an easy choice for the floor i needed heated

My original query was answered very quickly and the follow up supply of goods was equally excellent. Great customer service.

Fantastic, thank you for the great review of our service.


Bruce Shearman
24 May 2018 12:33

Mat does not appear to be as sticky as a previous product

Your service was quick and efficient. My concern was with the DEVI product information and installation information. I have previously fitted a DEVI mat however the installation information was minimal and no explanation given for the pack content. Fortunately I remembered most of the installation steps. The one that I didn't was answered by DEVI customer help. My point is that the product is good but the installation information is poor as is the online information. If DEVI ask you can feed back this information to them.



James Henderson
21 November 2017 16:41

Service was second to none. Helped me every way possible

Service was second to none. Helped me every way possible

Fantastic, thank you for the great comments of our service.


Bharat Patel
2 August 2017 08:30

Dose what it's says easy to install

Every time I used element shop service just great and delivery is time just brilliant

Thank you very much for your great review and repeat business, it is very much appreciated.


Rick Paslawski
27 June 2017 13:37

Easy to lay, seems good quality

Great service with good prices

Thank you for taking the time to write such great feedback, we appreciate your comments.


Sarah Bailey
13 March 2017 07:18

The product is exactly what I wanted.

Really helpful. Great follow up. Very fast service.

Thank you for leaving great feedback and rating both our service and your new DEVIcomfort Underfloor heating mat and accessories as excellent.


Trusted Customer
9 January 2017 10:03

Consistently reliable. Always helpful

Thank you for your excellent review of our service, we appreciate it very much.


Trusted Customer
27 November 2016 09:27

Fast next day delivery, good range.

Many thank for your feedback and rating us as excellent.

Tracey Morgan
Customer Service Manager


Trusted Customer
26 November 2016 07:32

I have ordered around 12 heat mats from you, I ordered one mate the wrong size because something changed in the room but you changed it for me very quickly with no fuss
Thank you

You are very welcome. We pride ourselves on our customer service excellence and are very pleased that we were able to help you so efficiently.

Tracey Morgan
Customer Service Manager

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