200W High Output Devi Heating Mats - DTIF-200

20 Year Warranty
200W High Output Devi Heating Mats - DTIF-200
200W High Output Devi Heating Mats - DTIF-200
200W High Output Devi Heating Mats - DTIF-200
200W High Output Devi Heating Mats - DTIF-200
200W High Output Devi Heating Mats - DTIF-200
200W High Output Devi Heating Mats - DTIF-200
200W High Output Devi Heating Mats - DTIF-200
200W High Output Devi Heating Mats - DTIF-200
200W High Output Devi Heating Mats - DTIF-200
ModelAreaMat LengthMat WidthWattagePriceQty
DEVImat 200W/m2 DTIF-200 0.45m2 87W Underfloor Heating Mat140F1735
QF #: 1780
0.45 m²0.9 m0.5 m87 W
£59.77 exc VAT
Area0.45 m²
Mat Length0.9 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Wattage87 W
DEVImat 200W/m2 DTIF-200 1.05m2 215W Underfloor Heating Mat83020736
QF #: 1748
1.05 m²2.1 m0.5 m200 W
£57.20 exc VAT
Area1.05 m²
Mat Length2.1 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Wattage200 W
DEVImat 200W/m2 DTIF-200 1.45m2 285W Underfloor Heating Mat83020737
QF #: 1749
1.45 m²2.9 m0.5 m285 W
£87.52 exc VAT
Area1.45 m²
Mat Length2.9 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Wattage285 W
DEVImat 200W/m2 DTIF-200 2.10m2 430W Underfloor Heating Mat83020738
QF #: 1714
2.1 m²4.2 m0.5 m430 W
£102.36 exc VAT
Area2.1 m²
Mat Length4.2 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Wattage430 W
DEVImat 200W/m2 DTIF-200 2.50m2 500W Underfloor Heating Mat83020739
QF #: 1715
2.5 m²5 m0.5 m500 W
£120.74 exc VAT
Area2.5 m²
Mat Length5 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Wattage500 W
DEVImat 200W/m2 DTIF-200 3.10m2 605W Underfloor Heating Mat83020740
QF #: 5961
3.1 m²6.2 m0.5 m605 W
£141.02 exc VAT
Area3.1 m²
Mat Length6.2 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Wattage605 W
DEVImat 200W/m2 DTIF-200 3.45m2 695W Underfloor Heating Mat83020741
QF #: 2159
3.45 m²6.9 m0.5 m695 W
£157.65 exc VAT
Area3.45 m²
Mat Length6.9 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Wattage695 W
DEVImat 200W/m2 DTIF-200 4.30m2 845W Underfloor Heating Mat83020742
QF #: 1710
4.3 m²8.6 m0.5 m845 W
£173.72 exc VAT
Area4.3 m²
Mat Length8.6 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Wattage845 W
DEVImat 200W/m2 DTIF-200 4.90m2 990W Underfloor Heating Mat83020743
QF #: 1673
4.9 m²9.8 m0.5 m990 W
£210.15 exc VAT
Area4.9 m²
Mat Length9.8 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Wattage990 W
DEVImat 200W/m2 DTIF-200 6.10m2 1210W Underfloor Heating Mat83020744
QF #: 1750
6.1 m²12.2 m0.5 m1210 W
£240.55 exc VAT
Area6.1 m²
Mat Length12.2 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Wattage1210 W
DEVImat 200W/m2 DTIF-200 7.00m2 1385W Underfloor Heating Mat83020745
QF #: 1747
7 m²14 m0.5 m1385 W
£269.17 exc VAT
Area7 m²
Mat Length14 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Wattage1385 W
DEVImat 200W/m2 DTIF-200 7.80m2 1665W Underfloor Heating Mat83020746
QF #: 1751
7.8 m²15.6 m0.5 m1665 W
£294.49 exc VAT
Area7.8 m²
Mat Length15.6 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Wattage1665 W
DEVImat 200W/m2 DTIF-200 8.80m2 1715W Underfloor Heating Mat83020747
QF #: 1674
8.8 m²17.6 m0.5 m1715 W
£296.88 exc VAT
Area8.8 m²
Mat Length17.6 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Wattage1715 W
DEVImat 200W/m2 DTIF-200 10.5m2 2070W Underfloor Heating Mat83020748
QF #: 1709
10.5 m²21 m0.5 m2070 W
£260.00 exc VAT
Area10.5 m²
Mat Length21 m
Mat Width0.5 m
Wattage2070 W
Underfloor Heating UK

Key Features of the 200W High Output Devi Underfloor Heating Mats - DTIF-200

20 year guaranteeLead free
Flame retardedFully screened cable
Open self-adhesive mesh designExcellent value for money
3.5mm mat thicknessPremium well trusted brand

The high output DEVI underfloor heating mats have been created for a range of installations that require a lot of heat such as conservatories, bathrooms and utility rooms. Installing a DEVImat DTIF-200 has been made simple as they are ready to roll onto the floor as soon as they come out of the box.

The mat has been created for easy installation and features a self adhesive open mesh, which has a thin heating cable attached. The mat is laid onto the floor, then covered by a flexible tile adhesive which is used to fix the tiles to the floor. We have a range of mat sizes from 1-12 m2 and each mat is approximately 0.5m wide. For larger sized rooms, multiple mats can be used.

The mat has a twin-core heating cable with a solid aluminium sleeve for added safety. The total thickness of mat and cable is only 3.5mm. Termination of the mat to the thermostat is achieved using a single 2-core cable moulded onto the mat during manufacture.

Typical application areas

  • Consevatories
  • Utility rooms
  • Where the heating element is installed close to the floor surface.
  • Tiled, vinyl or carpets

We also have heated mats for timber based floors and concrete based floors.

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Trusted Customer
24 September 2018 22:20

DEVImat 200W/m2 DTIF-200 6.10m2 1210W Underfloor Heating Mat

The best mat on the market.

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DEVImat 200w/m2 DTIF-200 6.10m2 1210w Underfloor Heating Kit + DEVIreg Smart Thermostat (Polar White)

The best underfloor electric heating mat on the market with a 20 yr guarantee.

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Excellent service quick and easy. Stock the best products at the best price will definitely order future products from them .Highly recommend them


Andrew Guy
6 April 2017 22:40

DEVImat 200w/m2 DTIF-200 10.5m2 2070w Underfloor Heating Kit

good value from a very informative company

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great service

Thank you very much for your 5 star review.


Simon Bydlinski
6 February 2017 09:00

DEVImat 200W/m2 DTIF-200 7.00m2 1385W Underfloor Heating Mat

Great service and quick delivery

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Great seller

Thank you very much for reviewing us as excellent, we appreciate your comments greatly.


Trusted Customer
11 March 2016 08:49

DEVImat 200w/m2 DTIF-200 7.8m2 1565w Underfloor Heating Kit


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DEVImat 200W/m2 DTIF-200 7.80m2 1665W Underfloor Heating Mat

Wouldn't use any other.

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Excellent website, easy ordering system, very knowledgeable staff. Have since re-used them.

Thank you very much for your fantastic review, we really do appreciate your comments.

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